5 ways to keep your house tidy

keep your house tidy

If you’ve spent as much time as I have to sort through your home and possessions, you’ll agree that keeping your space organized isn’t easy! Being organized is great thing — especially when trying to keep things both orderly and baby-proofed! Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can remove excess space and and keep your house tidy.

Here are five ways to keep your house tidy.

Plan your week the night before

It would be best if you need to plan how your week will go. This includes precisely which pages you’ll want to have and how many. It can be as simple as setting up a calendar in your planner or outlining your week’s events in a journal. Whatever you do, don’t skimp out on this vital part! Organizing your day will make your life easier and make you more organized. If you’re not making any plans for the week ahead before you get home, you might as well start planning. Set a start time for your daily tasks and list what you want to do each day. This is also a great time to review your to-do list and make necessary corrections.

Don’t drop the ball on laundry.

You don’t have to drop the ball on laundry, but you do need to drop the ball on the organization of your laundry. We tendtend to pile our laundry up in one location or even one space — and then we have a tendency to put less-than-optimal items there. As soon as you try to eliminate this pile, you’ll have much easier tasks like ironing, combing, and ironing again. Organize your bank using a clothes organizer or similar tool or a clothes-washing machine.

Organize your shoes

You don’t have to go above and beyond the simple act of putting your shoes on and off (or, at the very least, putting them in the correct location). You can organize your shoes simply by flipping them over, putting your foot in its proper place, and placing your other foot on the ground. You can also use a shoe-folding or shoe-shopping bag organizer to keep your shoes neatly organized.

Tidy up the underwork

If you’re constantly getting into trouble because of a Winter lack of organization, one way to handle it is to clear out the underworked and under-cluttered space. Whether you need to clean the bathroom or tidy up the kitchen, this will help you take your mind off your problems by giving you something else to focus on.

If the underwork space is incredibly cluttered, you can use a duster to help dislodge any excess materials. The productive organization is the name of the game when it comes to under-works — so don’t give the space a free pass for being a bit messy.

Don’t waste space on books.

There are so many ways to keep your books organized, but one of the most effective ways to do so is with minimal space between them. There are many ways to organize books, but the key here is to find a method that works best with your room. If you have a desk or other table-mounted bookshelves, you can use those to organize your books, duct cleaning services in Canada is also great choice to keep mites away. If you like to write on a computer desktop or laptop, you can use a virtual-bookshelf software to create a virtual space where your books stay safe and sound.

Organize your hair and makeup

If you’re often in a “fibbing” mood or don’t feel like doing anything about it, adding some organization to your hair and makeup could be a lifesaver. If your skin is dehydrated, coconut oil may be the answer. This gentle oil treatment can soothe and calm your skin so that it will never again seep into your pores. Give it a few minutes, and your skin will feel as though it’s weightless, as though it’s floating through the air, and you’ll be ready to go.

Tidy up your car seat attachment

Car seats are easy to lose track of once they’re bought — and you often move them around the house while trying to get everything else out of the way. It can be hard to get your car seat back in the correct order when it comes time to take it to the wash. Organize your car seat accessories using a car seat organizer, which you can then stick in your car seat hanger. This is a great way to keep your car seat safe and out of the way.


Organizing your home is essential to staying organized and making the most of your life. There are so many different ways to do it, but here are five ways to keep your house tidy.

Use these tips to your advantage, and your home will be more than ready for spring!