10 Best Pawna Lake Camps




Pawna Lake Camping offers a lure that will entice you with its pure natural bliss. This campground, which is situated in a picturesque area, offers beautiful examples of nature. You’ll have a tonne of options here, whether you want a package with views of the starry sky or one with a glittering DJ and bonfire.


Camping at Pawna Lake is unquestionably a decision without regrets, serving as a great getaway for people from Mumbai, Pune, and Lonavala. There are plenty of recreational activities available at this location, including guitar performances as well as a variety of adventure activities like hiking, ATV rides, parasailing, and more.


This location is perfect whether you want to travel with your family or a group of friends. So put an end to your routine adventures and visit Pawna to experience the swaying breezes and colorful tents, and enjoy Pawna Lake Camping.

All about Pawna Lake Camping.

Pawna Lake Camping offers multiple camping options. Let’s have a look at some of the camping options at Pawna Lake.


1: Pawna Lake Camping

Highlights of Pawna Lake Camping

  • Observe the ethereal Western Ghats valleys while relaxing in your well-appointed tents.
  • Join your group for a live acoustic performance and a DJ night where you can enjoy some of your favorite music.
  • At Pawna’s most popular campground, celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your friends.
  • Enjoy a fun camping trip along the banks of stunning Pawna Lake, surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation.
  • Enjoy some delicious barbecue snacks while spending the evening by the campfire at Pawna Lake Camping.

More about Pawna Lake Camping.

At Pawna Lake Camping, check-in time is 4:00 p.m., and check-out time is 11:00 a.m. the following day. Camping at Pawna Lake is a two-day activity that you can do with your friends and family. The stunning Pawna Lake campsite is located on the shores of Pawna Lake in a lush green setting surrounded by misty Western Ghat valleys. The presence of numerous tourist destinations, including Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort, enhances the Pawna Lake setting. This location, which is close to Khandala and Lonavala, is lovely for spending a relaxing weekend because of the tranquil surroundings and lush greenery.


About the activities carried out at Pawna Lake Camping.

  • Check-in at the campsite, which is located just 15-20 steps from the lovely Pawna Lake, on Day 1 before 4 PM to start your Pawna camping adventure.
  • Spend your time engaging in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Additionally, you can take a tour of some of the nearby famous sites, such as  Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort,  and Visapur Fort.
  • Enjoy some delectable BBQ snacks (limited quantity) while listening to music and chatting around the campfire.
  • After a night of unlimited dinner (vegetarian and non-vegetarian options), unwind in your comfortable tents, which are distributed based on double- or triple sharing. To ensure the utmost comfort, pillows, mattresses, and blankets are provided inside the tents. Additionally, the campsite is equipped with well-kept, clean, standard Indian and western restrooms. The following morning, get up early to see a magnificent sunrise over Pawna Lake, then grab a filling breakfast before heading back to your campsite. For the best experience, the campsite provides secure power supply points, a parking area, and strong network connectivity.

About reaching Pawna Lake Camping.

  • By car: The activity’s location is 32 kilometers from the heart of Lonavala. By car, it takes about an hour to get there. 
  • By Train: The campground is located near Pawna Lake, only 30 km from Lonavala Railway station. From the respective train station and bus stops in Lonavala and Kamshet, local transportation is conveniently accessible. 
  • By Air: Pune International Airport, located 63.7 kilometers away, is the closest airport to the location.


2: Pawna Lake Camp with Star Gazing

Pawna Lake Camping is a great getaway from the bustle of city life because of the clear night sky scattered with sparkling stars and the relaxing sound of the river. With this package, you can gaze at the starry sky in contrast to the lush hills, which is undoubtedly a visual treat.


Pawna camping allows you to do more than simply unwind by the lake; it also allows you to rekindle old relationships. This is the place to go if you want complete solitude while also enjoying nature’s gifts. There is something for everyone here, whether it’s romance under the stars or simply unwinding while admiring the scenery. Highlights of Pawna Lake Camping include camping by the lake and stargazing.


3: Pawna Lake Camp for Family


Camping near Pawna Lake is the ideal place to spend quality time with your family, nestled along the glistening river. Pawna camps never cease to amaze you, no matter if you want to simply relax along the river and admire the alluring beauty or yearn for a fun-filled family outing.

Such adventures are great for family outings because they take you away from routine schedules, where you can put all your worries aside and just have fun. So without further ado, give your family an amazing Pawna Lake Camping package and prepare to be amazed by the surprises it contains. Highlights include stargazing, nature hikes, campfires, and lakeside camping.



4: Couple Friendly Pawna Lake Camp

Tents, relaxing atmosphere, and lovely surroundings—the ideal vacation itinerary for couples. One such adventure is Pawna Lake Camps, which is unquestionably a must-have on the list of romantic camping locations. If you’re still undecided about choosing Pawna Lake Camping for your getaway, your doubts should vanish because this is a fantastic experience and is unique.


The region’s aura is always alluring, and the picture-perfect displays only add to that. You are free to do whatever you want here; you can stroll alongside the diverse vegetation with your significant other or you can simply unwind while watching the blanket of stars. Highlights include solitude, lakeside camping, a special meal, and a campfire with calming music.


5: Pawna Lake Camp for Friends

Make the most of your time with your troops at the Pawna Lake Campground. A trip like this with your friends is the pinnacle because you can enjoy everything here, from ATV rides on the rough terrains to hiking up the majestic forts.

While there are many activities you can do along the river during the day, as the sun sets you can dance to the music and eat mouthwatering food. You can give it a new dimension and make priceless memories while on vacation here with your friends. ATV rides, hiking, parasailing, camping, stargazing, a bonfire, a DJ, and a lot more are among the highlights.



6: Pawna Lake Camp With DJ & Bonfire


At Pawna camps, get down to the energizing music or simply enjoy the warmth of the bonfire. Do whatever brings you joy! This campground, which is adorned with countless paradisiacal views, is quickly rising to the top of the list.

You can choose one of the many variations available here that combines bonfires, DJs, and camping. Camping near Pawna Lake is popular among visitors from all over the world who come to experience its allure, not just the locals who live nearby. Highlights include a DJ, a bonfire, music, stargazing, and meals by a lake.


7: Pawna Lake Camp With Separate BBQ

Do what you love by reserving this fantastic Pawna Lake camping package. After spending the day exploring the luscious green trails and picturesque backdrops, you can light a fire and start grilling, not only the vegetables but also the chicken! Enjoy the experience by listening to the gentle music and the cool breeze. Additionally, you can simply stroll alongside the verdant greenery with your loved ones or lie down and gaze at the stars. If you are still debating whether or not to go camping near Pawna Lake, put these thoughts aside because life is too short! 


8: Pawna Lake Camping with Trekking


Pawna Lake Camping is not just for the timid; it’s also a great place for thrill seekers. It is the top choice for thrill-seekers who want to trek to the enormous forts nearby. Whoever said you couldn’t buy happiness, think again. Make the most of your time by renting a tent at a campground close to Pawna Lake. This is a sure thing for you if your adrenaline is always pumping, as it offers trekking in addition to a stunning view of nature. Trek up the trails and tracks around Pawna while listening to the Call of the Greens. Highlights include hiking to the forts, camping, music, and campfires.


9: Pawna Lake Camp With Paragliding

In addition to offering camping amenities, it also offers terrifying paragliding. View the Tikona fort and the heartbreaking backdrops while swaying through the air. This Pawna camping and paragliding experience are perfect for anyone looking to get away from the daily grind or simply pamper themselves in the great outdoors. Highlights of Pawna Lake Camping with paragliding include stargazing, paragliding, camping next to a lake, meals, and pure enjoyment.


10: Pawna Lake Camping with Adventure Activities

Visit the Pawna Lake campgrounds, which are ideal for the job. A little bit of excitement adds a fresh twist to a trip, and this lakeside camping accommodates that. You can have it all here, whether you want to swing through the air while taking in the imposing scenes of lush greenery contrasting with blue skies, or you want to ride an ATV through the rough terrain. In addition to the adventure portion, this package includes meals, stargazing, and other inclusions. So stop searching and reserve your Pawna Lake camping package now! Highlights of Pawna Lake Camping with adventure activities include stargazing, star treks, lakeside camping, parasailing, meals, and nature walks.




Pawna Lake camping is a fantastic activity where you can enjoy a memorable holiday with your friends and family. Pawna Lake Camping offers a variety of camping options, so you can have a wonderful vacation. At Pawna Lake Camping, your holiday trip will undoubtedly be one to remember.